Natural History Camera Assistant / Cameraman


I am an experienced camera assistant and cameraman working freelance in the natural history TV industry as well as in the corporate film world. I have wide-ranging knowledge of professional work-flows including ultra high-definition, live streaming and online platforms, and have several years experience filming on both industry standard and specialist cameras.


My career so far has taken me to some pretty extraordinary places, from freezing glaciers to desert-like dry forest, and from the top of a wind turbine to the sea bed of a Caribbean coral reef. It is my ambition to capture these places on camera so that all may understand and learn about the natural world, and our place in it. When I am not on a shoot, I am based in lovely Somerset.

Corporate Film Maker / Cameraman


In addition to working on natural history shows, I am also an experienced corporate video producer and have several long-standing clients that I work with on a regular basis. My work covers almost all types of corporate films including training and recruitment films, online promotional content, brand awareness, educational videos and internal communications, and covers all aspects from planning, through filming to post-production and delivery.


I have undertaken extensive training to allow me to work offshore in the renewable energy sector, and can often be found in remote places around Europe, whether at sea or on land. I work throughout the UK and the rest of the world and there is no job too big or small, so please get in touch if you would like to discuss a film you have in mind.

BCAP Canopy Access Trained


I have undertaken training to allow me to work at height in trees using rope access techniques. This enables me to safely rig, operate and rescue from an arboreal climbing rope installation. The training also enables me to interpret the body language of trees with a view to assessing their structural integrity and suitability for climbing, and to deal with potential hazards that may be present in the canopy, including rescuing a team member.


Having always had a strong interest in trees and

forest ecosystems, I am particularly keen to utilise

this training on shoots.

Specialist Camera Technology


In 2014 I was fortunate to work as a camera assistant for Ammonite Films, where I was trained by DOP Martin Dohrn in the use of their image-intensified night vision cameras. These included Thermoteknix Systems' thermal imaging MIRICLE camera, custom-built ultra low-light 'starlight' cameras and specially adapted (for specific light frequencies) infra-red camera technology.


I used the MIRCLE thermal camera system on a Discovery Channel shoot in Gujarat, India, to film the incredible relationship between Asiatic lions and the local people in the Gir Forest National Park, along with the starlight camera and Sony F5. I also worked on an art installation called Heatscapes for the artist Layla Curtis, using the thermal camera.

DIT & Image Manipulation


I have extensive experience using a wide range of DIT and editing software, and often work as an editor using the Adobe Creative Suite. I can use much of the camera-specific DIT software (REDCINE-X PRO, Sony Raw Viewer, Canon XF Utility) to create proxies, apply a basic grade and export metadata, as well as using other image manipulation software such as DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Photoshop. I am happy working on Mac and Windows systems and using specialist DIT software such as ShotPutPro. I am well used to working with Ultra High Definition resolutions.


I have also been trained in advanced noise reduction techniques and other specialist image manipulation and have the necessary software to undertake this work. Watch this video for examples of what I can do.

Offshore Training and Certification


I am fully certified to work offshore as a cameraman and photographer to GWO approved standards. I currently hold the following certifications (please contact me for copies of the certificates):


- GWO BST Fire Awareness

- GWO BST First Aid

- GWO BST Manual Handling

- GWO Working At Height & Rescue

- GWO Marine Safety Training Vessel Transit and Transfer

- OPITO Approved Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (EBS UK)



Other Essentials


I am a qualified PADI Open Water Diver, with experience of diving with tools/cameras and controlling buoyancy to maintain a steady position.


Extensive driving experience including abroad, large vehicles and off-road. Also experienced in controlling a multi-person canoe in flowing water.


I am trained in Remote Location First Aid as well as standard First Aid.


I hold a valid I-Visa allowing me to work in the US until September 2021.                            © Sam Hopes 2012 - 2017                            +44 (0)7595 644582

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