About me


I am a UK based natural history camera assistant, second camera and researcher, with experience on a wide range of cameras including the Sony F5, F55 and RED Epic as well as a range of other equipment including tracks/sliders, jibs, lighting and sound. I've been trained by Ammonite Films in the use of thermal and starlight cameras including how to process their footage.


I also have substantial post-production experience and DIT skills, having worked editing videos professionally for various corporate companies as well as my own projects. I have an excellent understanding of video compression and all the techy stuff needed to manage a lossless workflow, and never miss the chance to learn something new (and undoubtedly geeky).


I have good all-round biological knowledge and studied BSc Conservation Biology at UWE in Bristol, followed a couple of years later by a Master's in Wildlife Documentary Production from the University of Salford. I'm well vaccinated, well travelled and can dive (PADI Open Water). I am competent working in all terrains and climates, am 1st aid trained and I hold an iVisa valid until 2021.

Recent credits


  • Alaska - A Year In The Wild 4 x 45' - Tigress Productions: Second cameraman on autumn shoot to Alaska, filmed sea otters on RED Epic, also used DJI Ronin, remote camera (DJI X5R) and Sony A7s for filming and timelapse. Role included work as researcher in UK office, second camera and assisting in the field, as well as DIT. Currently in production.

  • Attenborough's Life That Glows 1 x 60' - Terra Mater Factual Studios/Ammonite Films/BBC: Digital Assistant; performed image compositing and noise reduction as well as research.


  • Manas: Return Of The Giants 1 x 50' - Ammonite Films/Kosmik Global: Digital Assistant performing footage conversion, noise reduction, grading, stitching and timelapse assembly.


  • India’s Wandering Lions 1 x 50’ – Ammonite Films/Kosmik Global: DIT and camera assistant on location in India; used starlight, thermal, IR and Sony F5 cameras. In the U.K. performed the role of digital assistant; footage conversion, noise reduction, grading, stitching and timelapse assembly.


  • Loch Lomond - A Year In The Wild 4 x 45’ – Tigress Productions: Production runner for blue-chip production on Scottish wildlife. Assisted with kit preparation, helped design remote nest camera system for osprey and barn owl nests. Assisted on a shoot with Gordon Buchannan – driver and production runner duties, as well as installing nest cameras and shooting timelapses.